Eyecast cloud-based video-a great solution for converting CCTV to IP cameras :

CCTV TO IP Cameras

Considering converting from analog CCTV to IP camera-there is a better way!
Eyecast cloud-based video-a great solution for converting CCTV to IP camera.

From CCTV to IP camera? Save time and investment with Eyecast :

No need to convert-the best solution for your existing CCTV system is to upgrade to the Eyecast cloud-based video surveillance recording service!

➤ No more worries about DVR 

Forget about hard drive life, power outages, tampering, accidents and theft, your videos are always there and ready for you!

➤ Always ready and trustworthy 

Always-on recording in the cloud, video available anytime, anywhere, alerts on power and network issues.

➤ Hassle-free DVR

Eyecast manages everything. Install the connection to the camera, manage services, back up, etc.

➤ Legal evidence

A full third-party storage chain protects enforcement use, prevents tampering, and provides evidence when needed!

Key Features: Eyecast cloud-based video recording :

You'll be amazed when comparing Eyecast to traditional CCTV DVRs.

1. Cheap monthly fee :

Reducing service costs means immediate savings.

2. Always reliable recording :

Don't worry if you have important recordings.

3. Long-term cost reduction :

No cloud-based DVR management, maintenance, and security.

4. Technological  cheap ahead :

Eyecast completes cloud-based CCTV DVR with scalable technology.Expert advice from CCTV to IP cameras
With Eyecast, you don't have to convert it to an expensive IP camera and rewire, you just get the Eyecast!
Eyecast Cloud Video Surveillance solutions have lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to local DVR-based solutions for a variety of reasons. DVRs are too complex to use and require the support of IT professionals, even for the most basic features such as video capture.

➤ Eyecast (cloud-based surveillance DVR) :

Don't worry. Eyecast understands the basics of security and surveillance recording better than anyone in the industry and has developed the most efficient and low cost solution for your own business.

Who is Eyecast ??

Eyecast incorporates many leading technologies into the video surveillance space to provide a fully integrated, cost-effective turnkey service. Of course, the stored or archived video can be viewed, retrieved and distributed from anywhere with or without internet connection and live view of the camera feed through internet connection. On your desktop, you can use a computer, I-Phone, Android, Blackberry, or any other PDA that can access the internet and watch videos online.

What makes Eyecast special ??

With thousands of different video surveillance products on the market, it works well as an independent system for people with video surveillance expertise. However, in most cases they are difficult to use and have a high cost of ownership. Eyecast overcomes the shortcomings of existing video surveillance products with a cloud-based video surveillance service that offers:

➡  With Simplicity Eyecast, getting a video is as easy as screwing in a light bulb. Have you ever tried to retrieve important videos from your DVR?

➡  Lowest Cost Cloud Camera The lowest cost cloud-based solution available with services starting from $ 7.95 per month.

➡  Scalability Supports millions of cameras simultaneously with unlimited storage.

➡  Reasonability Eyecast's extraordinary system the board framework empowers robotized arrangement and dynamic checking of a great many clients around the globe, giving a straightforward attachment and-play video reconnaissance arrangement. 

➡  Reliable bullet proof video surveillance. Eyecast's nonstop video surveillance architecture records 24x7 without interruption.

➡  Security Video images are protected offsite with Eyecast's cloud-based storage vault. All videos are tamper resistant and can be used in court for evidence purposes. Local DVR could be defeated by onsite / hands on intervention.

➡  Programmability The Eyecast framework can work with other client hardware to give coordinated video reconnaissance arrangements, for example, battery reinforcement (UPS), photograph and caution sensors, POS frameworks and RFID innovation.

What is cloud-based video surveillance?

➡  Safety There is no Video Surveillance Storage Device (DVR) on the customer premises. The videos are stored remotely on a network video recorder (NVR). If the NVR is on the public internet, it is considered as cloud storage or cloud-based video surveillance.

➡  Universal Access Universal access over the Internet. Once your videos are stored in the cloud, you can easily access them from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world.

➡  Subscription-based service model Unlike local DVR, cloud-based video surveillance is a shared platform that requires no upfront capital investment.

➡  Managed by Service Provider Customers do not need IT expertise to use cloud-based video surveillance. White globe services are typically provided by service providers to address customer needs when technical support and video search assistance is required.

➡  Unlimited and reliable storage DVRs usually have one or two disk drives with no redundancy. Service providers can use cloud storage solutions to add unlimited additional storage capacity on demand. Cloud storage also provides redundancy in the event of a disk failure.

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